Friday, 14 May 2010


Does it matter how long you live in bad air?

Yes it does….the effects on pregnancy are seen immediately, i.e. delayed by nine months. Then you can see rises in ill health as the pollution levels last into days. In the last eight years or so a number of very long term studies have shown even higher levels of mortality the longer people have lived in bad air. You can see the mortality increasing till at least 10 years. One Dutch study showed a 20% rise in mortality.

British government figures on “safety” had one of those hidden assumptions buried away in them. That no one ever lived in one spot longer than five years… can see why they wanted to cheat on that one! Of course it is the most vulnerable elderly that stay put, and the poor who can’t move out of the polluted housing front line, whence all but they have fled.

If you've speny all your childhood in bad age never recover your lung capacity.This renders sufferers much more liable to serious problems earlier than otherwise..a sort of premature ageing of resilience.

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