Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Air pollution, from traffic, industry, the new incinerator programme and summer ozone peaks doesn't sound sexy yet, but the first hot summer death peaks will be as devastating to denialists as the 2007 summer floods were to water engineers.

For example, why do you think that the government has gone to such great lengths to cover up its correspondence with Boris over London air?

follow the link and find out more:

Both the American Lung:

and American Heart associations:

have new reports and position statements:

you could note the widespread immumne system disturbances ((illus.p2353) which explain the otherwise mysterious wide variety of effects, from pregnancy to brain damage.

Bloomberg show how badly London has been (and will be) doing in comparison to Athens and Frankfurt.

The article also highlights how the new measurement methods will appear to "reduce" air pollution. Same air, same awful mortality, just new, "fresh" numbers designed to fool the Eu commissioners into allowing further delays in cleaning things up.
You have reported the HOC environment audit committee report.....nothings changed though...traffic is still growing...and the number of incinerators and biomass burn stations in the pipeline is quite shoocking.

Did you know that only £ 10,000 pounds stands between reassuring or condemning research:

As Sahsu collects all these figures anyway, and modern number crunching computer systems can spot clusters a mile away, on auto pilot at no extra cost, why hasn't the HPA done, or allowed others to do, the research?
Thjis field is wide open for a Guardian special...there is a new minister for the environment...go for it Guardian!

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