Friday, 12 March 2010

"Sensitive Receptors" or guinea-pigs

In European legislation the prime sensitive receptor is the 6 year old girl. This is because it is judged that she will have accumulated enough dioxins by the time she becomes pregnant to damage the foetus, or breast cancer, if levels are high enough. Dioxins act like hormones, so very, very, very tiny amounts are damaging… of ¼ teaspoon of sugar, say.
Play the game of spot your school playground (the plume will reach much further than this picture, approx 5 Km….not 1 Km as the report counts.)
Winds mean that the plume will be skewed to the North-East..i.e. over Croydon.

R7…Culvers House Primary School
R8….Hackbridge Primary School
R9 Carew Manor School
R10…Beddington Park Primary School
R11 Archbishop Lanfranc School
R12 Gonville Primary School.

Dioxins are measured at only one site in London, and Heavy metals at three, alongside roads, primarily for measuring lead from petrol, now they are being closed because of lead free petrol. Industry pressure has lead to European laws that used to measure these to be dropped, relying on the much weaker term Best Available Technologies…. Yes it is BATS isn’t it!

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