Monday, 1 March 2010


Beddington Lane is on the frontline of incinerator development. In a secret agreement between the SLWP and Viridor in June 2009 the conditions of the licence were varied without Sutton’s planning committee approval. This means that lorries have been going to the site 24/7…60 extra movements a night, Saturday night and all day Sunday. It’s the thin end of a very dangerous wedge, as waste transfer sites are notorious for the extra dangers of their high trace metal content dusts.In September 2009 Country waste was allowed to up its tonnages from 200,00 to 350,000.In February 2010 a tarmac recycling plant was approved (with its lorries).In March new incinerator plans upped the 350,000 tons to 500,000 tons. Although the decision at last week’s committee was “deferred”, the lorries still rumble.
Questions were raised about whether Sutton could even change the status quo, “as they were now part of a partnership”… SLWP trumps local democracy then! Who will fight for the health of the village’s pregnancies and playgrounds? As one of Beddington North’s ward councillors is also chairman of that planning committee that may make for difficulties. Watch this space!
The second, new, monitoring station (Therapia Lane) is so far away from both the waste site entrance and village that it seems almost deliberately designed to miss measuring the serious health picture.

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  1. Very worried about incinerator re. Latest Conservative win in Croydon. Everyone needs to sign the petition. We must stop this terrible development. Lobby the local council by getting involved with your local Green party.