Monday, 29 June 2009


and the
MRC-HPA centre for environment and health.

Though these men are not in the public eye,they should be,for on their shoulders rests a heavy responsibility.They control the choice of projects researched, the vital postcode/illness databases (SAHSU) and the extent of freedom from government interference.Professor Elliott’s work stands at a crossroads of incinerator safety and air pollution effects and Professor Kelly’s ERG air quality research will monitor the complex mix of air pollutants over London.I doubt that they see their role as answering questions from the public,though they are publicly funded.Perhaps that may change?

Professor Paul Elliott from Imperial College London, the Director of the new MRC-HPA Centre for Environment and Health, said: "Your body has to deal with hundreds of different pollutants every day, the vast majority of which are probably harmless. However, we know that some pollutants can cause health problems – for example, some of the minute particles found in diesel fumes can make people’s asthma symptoms worse. " "It's quite difficult to work out whether certain pollutants are affecting our health because we are exposed to so many, over such long periods of time. Our new Centre is developing methods to look at the exposure of many thousands of people. Through this research we will investigate the extent, for example, a particular chemical is contributing to a particular health problem."

Professor Frank Kelly from King's College London, the Deputy Director of the new Centre, said "We are very much looking forward to working with colleagues at Imperial College to address a range of challenging environmental issues which contribute to the chronic disease burden in the 21st century".

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