Monday, 22 June 2009


How London's Politicians aren't interested in Your Health.....despite rolling out incinerators (extract from strategy report)

Dioxins and furans

6.23 There are currently no standards or guidelines for dioxins or furans, and monitoring is
carried out at a single London site. These pollutants are however of significant public
6.24 Given the extremely high costs of monitoring for dioxins and furans it is not
recommended that further measurement sites be established. Whilst reporting of
concentrations on a more widespread basis could be undertaken, the manner in which
this is done needs to be given careful consideration, in the absence of standards for

Lead and heavy metals

6.21 There is currently only limited monitoring for lead and heavy metals being undertaken
in London. However, existing national policies are expected to deliver the air quality
objectives for lead at practically all locations in the UK, with the exception of sites in
close proximity to major industrial emitters of lead. At a strategic level, there is no
requirement for monitoring of lead concentrations in London.
6.22 The current position with other heavy metals is less clear. There are currently no
standards or objectives for other metals, and whilst these are being considered for
cadmium, arsenic, nickel and mercury within the EU Fourth Daughter Directive,
current understanding is that it is unlikely that Limit Values will be set. At this stage,
it is recommended that monitoring of heavy metals is kept under review pending the
outcome of the Directive.

All the London roadside heavy metal measuring sites,Brent,Cromwell Road and Horseferry Road are a long way west of the incinerator plumes of Edmonton,Belvedere,Lewisham and potential Beddington, which cover the whole of East London,both sides of the river.I assume they were designed to measure car derived Lead pollution mostly.They are of no use at all in measuring London's incinerators' heavy metals emissions.Invisible..."simples".

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