Thursday, 3 June 2010


Chernobyl 2……… Twin Peaks

4,000 or 2,000,000

I am using my last contribution to this blog to highlight the massive international cover-up of this massive international disaster. The difference between those figures is not a measure of any scientific margin of error, it is a measure of the extent of politically motivated minimisation. It exists to make the prospect of future nuclear power stations more easily defendable, the production of future bombs more affordable and the expedient scandal of misinformation since Hiroshima more apparently consistent.

I was going to go into long paragraphs of technical detail to show why figures around the 1,000,000 mark are reasonable: the huge extent of the spread, the intense, low atmosphere, radioactivity post-fire (not shot up to decay and dissipate in the stratosphere, as in a bomb), many varied and different radioactive elements, short, medium and very long term ( like Americium and Plutonium of exceptionally long lasting toxicity) , the numerous hotspots of radioactivity levels, the lottery of hot particle ingestion, the food-chain concentration and ecological recycling. But all are true and measured.

The mortality of the very many liquidators has been hidden, the Europe wide effects on pregnancy and infant mortality are in scattered publications, until this book. The causes of a second peak of infant mortality a year or two later has been speculated on as being due to the importation of Russian beef, by German research. Other potential reasons can only be more chilling. The carcinogenicity figures aren’t only the thyroid cancers and leukaemias popularly counted, they move to the 20 year delay and variety seen post the Japanese bombs. The toll of general ill-health, particularly amongst children is painful to see described.

It seems to me that the reason large potential for poisonings is both irremediable and so worrying is that it involves human beings and their capacity to be ignorant, greedy, drunk, asleep or incompetent. Sellafield mismanagement, the Chernobyl accident, Gilly-sur-Isere, the Finnish (Polish plumber) nuclear fiasco, Three-mile island, Exxon Valdez, and now BP in the Gulf of Mexico all show what boys will do with their toys when they decide not to read the instructions (or not to understand the instructions if they do read them).The prefects then make up stories of all sorts to avoid being sued, having to pay compensation or worst of all, having to lose face massively for not being up to the job. For the narcissistic, psychopathic, political class we have bred recently this will simply not be allowed to happen. Everything will be for the best, in the best of all possible worlds, run by the brightest, most knowledgeable and incorruptible of all governments. Boy, will WE need to be lucky!

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