Saturday, 24 April 2010

£10,000 POUNDS...out of billions in the industry!..............??????

£10,000 ………..would you believe that that is the difference between knowing that incinerators are safe for the surrounding population, with some peace of mind…or knowing that they are a dangerous, though very profitable, irrelevance.

Experienced, very competent, scientific experts are ready, the relevant data has been collected, automatically, for decades. It just remains to be analysed appropriately.

I am sure that Professor Elliott, the pioneer of early British incinerator research, would be shocked that his work is being used to justify all sorts of safety around incinerators, when it only dealt with rare cancers. He would be the first to acknowledge, I am sure, that the extensive work around the damage that particulate air pollution does, since his papers were first published, means that more work needs doing.

In fact, as he is the head of the SAHSU at Imperial College, where all these statistics are collected, he must be very frustrated that somehow a roadblock has occurred over this business. SAHSU must be independent of DEFRA, the EA and the HPA, surely, and cannot tolerate the dead hand of authority preventing the vital development of knowledge in this field.

This is the link to the appeal for money…and to an excellently prepared objection to an EA permit for incineration, from very senior scientists.

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