Friday, 22 May 2009


The “Enclosed facilities with a Chimney Report” SLWP Feb 2009

Or how to fool most of the people some of the time (page 29)

Would you trust a bunch of administrators who were so frightened of an open public discussion of incineration, that they used those words to describe an incinerator, and hid the new hazardous waste streams that central government expects to be handled locally?

Rubber tyres
Animal bodies?
Radioactive medical waste
Infectious medical waste

Transported over public roads to a site where the dusts fly up the chimney or the ash leaks out the gaps or gets spread around the site, in house building materials or motorway foundations to leak its poisons slowly into the groundwater. Chimney ash washes collected in ponds for our new rains to flood, or even brand new collecting bags to burst.

Inspection regimes that are a joke because they ask permission in advance, are rare, don`t prosecute gross breaches and take no account of the “turn off and on” pollution peaks.

PFI contracts that leave all the clean up costs of accidents to the councils and take all the profits (like the nuclear industry).

But you don’t have to worry, because you won’t be asked your opinion on any of those questions. They are far too important for you to have a view on. Trust the incinerator industry and the Environment Agency to know what’s best, and all those MPs in Westminster…who have no financial connections with any of this whatsoever.
As none of this is happening you don’t need to monitor any health issues as a baseline, or set up pollution control monitoring of earth, air and water. You don’t have to count stillbirths, malformations and infant deaths before and after, or look very closely at the cancer rates…its just not businesslike, is it?

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